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Getting to know time-based links is one way to make your links have a time limit for access

by Admin

Previously, you might want to disable the link for others to access, or maybe your link will only be accessible at certain times to make work easier. One example is a link for an event with a specific timeframe. So you want people to be able to access your link within the specified Time, not later than that. Then you can use's newest feature called Time-based link.

A time-based link or a link is a link that only lasts a specific period. The link will expire if the specified Time has expired and can no longer be accessed. To reactivate, they need to contact the owner of the link.

How to make a Time based link from is easy; here's a summary of how to link and have a time limit to access

Before creating a Time based link, you first need to create an account on the site. Here's how to create your account.

Go to the site

  • Then click login

  • Furthermore, if you already have an account, you must enter your email address and password. Or you can log in with a google account or your account.

  • But if not, click register here to start creating an account.

  • will send a link to the email you registered.

How to activate the Protected link

1. First login to your account

2. Then select the "link" or "link" menu

3. Enter your original URL in the top column and click short!

4. After that, click the clock icon

5. You can choose a specific date and Time to restrict access to your link.

6. After that, click save.

It's done; you can now see how long the link has been accessible. If you want to delete it, click delete.

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