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Linkplus+ Secret Features

by Admin β€”

Many of the users do not know the secret features of You are a lucky person because you can find out this feature that will really help your work. The Linkplus+ feature is a secret feature used to find the original link you have with the link address.

Linkplus+ will find the type of Link you are looking for, be it a microsite or link shortener. This will help you if you want to open a link but are afraid of a scam or fraud because this feature will tell you where the original Link came from.

Suppose you have a terrible experience with the Link. In that case, you can report it immediately, and our team will follow up on the report.

And if you are the owner of the Link, you can log in to see more information.

Here's how to use the Linkplus+ feature:

1. open browser

2. Enter the link (plus) example:

3. Then, a display like the one below will appear

The following display is a link from the microsite

The following display is a link that comes from the shortlink

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