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Open to make a short link for free and easy, see how this is

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You can create and shorten links in the form of via the site for free and easy steps.

You may have seen information that contains a link with the domain. Links with these domains are a short form of the original link, which is quite long or shortener.

You can take advantage of the free service from the site to convert long links into short ones.

This site is a link management platform that works to shorten, manage, analyze and share it widely.

The way to create a side link on this site is relatively easy. How to? The following is a summary of how to create an link.

How to create an account at

Before creating an link, you must create an account on the site. Here's how to create your account.

1. Open the site

2. Then click log in

3. If you already have an account, enter your email address and password. Or you can sign in with a google account or your account.

4. But if not, click register here to create an account.

5. will send a verification link to the email you registered.

How to make a free link

1. Log in first to your account

2. Then select the "link" menu

3. Enter the original URL you want to shorten in the top column and click short!

4. Congratulations, your link is ready to use.

5. You can change the links as needed by changing the link title, copying, sharing to social media, or viewing your link statistics report.

That's how to make a short link through the site for free. It may be helpful.

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