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How To Make Money On YouTube Using 4 Efficient Methods

by Admin

How to make money on youtube? This question might be the most asked these days. People see many YouTubers have high incomes that allow them to buy many things. So, how do they get money from their YouTube channels and videos?

Advertisements on YouTube Videos

Putting ads on YouTube videos is the standard method to make money on YouTube. You only need a good campaign for promoting youtube video. Then, if many people watch that video, you will

get a commission from the advertiser.

You can use the monetization menu on YouTube Studio for adding advertisements to your video. However, it has several requirements for a channel to join this program. Fulfill that requirement, get the ads on your video, then you can make money.

Promoting Product

Sometimes, a company will contact you to make a deal for promoting their product. Then, you need to create sponsored content to promote that product. The company will pay you for that advertisement.

Make sure, when you promote or endorse a product on your video, you should provide information about this promotional content. Use the YouTube Studio menu to give YouTube notification about it. It is necessary to avoid any problems with your viewer and YouTube itself.

Offer Membership

Membership is another amazing feature on YouTube. This feature is one of the best methods how to make money on youtube, which will give you a steady income. What does this feature do?

It offers a special privilege to your viewer to access extra content or facilities from your YouTube channel. They can watch videos that you don’t upload for the public. Or, they can get unique features as members, such as a special icon they can use when they write a comment and many more.

Selling Merchandise

You also can use your YouTube video to promote your product or merchandise. Put a link on the online store where you sell that product in the video description. Using video promotion is more effective than simply writing ads. So, it will boost your product transaction and sale, which will give you more money.


Those methods are effective to make money with YouTube videos. More importantly, to make those methods work well; you also must upload and create interesting and informative videos for your viewer. The video is the core of this entire money-making method using YouTube. Now, you know how to make money on youtube.

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