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Do You Want to Promote Products on A Social Media Platform? Use Macro Influencer TikTok!

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TikTok influencer ads are popular nowadays. For a more successful TikTok marketing strategy, you can choose to put an ad to a macro influencer TikTok. Learn more about this type of TikTok influencer before using their services. 

About Macro Influencer on TikTok 

What is a macro influencer on TikTok? It means that the influencer has between 500.000 to 1.000.000 followers. We can say that these influencers can be celebrities, artists, role models, and others. They must have a good reputation among users since people believe in and follow their TikTok account. The more followers an influencer has, the higher the trust of companies in them. Macro influencers also post content regularly on their account. 

The Way to Hire a Macro Influencer to Promote Your Products and Services 

The first thing to do if you want to hire them is by following their account and learning their content. Hit the like symbol on their content. It will be good if you can comment on their videos. Next, send a message to their account. 

Ask them whether they can promote your product and service or not. They will give you the terms and conditions if they can. Fill in all the requirements and let them work to promote your brand, products, and services. 

The Cost of Using TikTok Macro Influencers for Promoting Products and Services

So, how much is the cost of a macro influencer TikTok to promote products and services? Indeed, the cost varies depending on their content, the characteristics of their followers, location, and many more. Surprisingly, a macro influencer on TikTok may earn from $1.000 to $2.000 per post. 

It is not a bad deal because 500.000 to 1.000.000 people will see and be aware of your products and services. You may earn more than you have spent. 

Tips to Get the Right TikTok Macro Influencers for Promotion 

The number of their followers is not the only thing you should see when choosing a TikTok macro influencer for promotion. You should also check their engagement rates. It is the number of likes, shares, and comments their content gets. 

The higher the engagement rates, the more effective your promotion. Learn more about their content. Is the content representing your brand, products, and services? Does their content attract your potential customers or not? If so, use their service.   

So, TikTok is one of the most effective social media platforms for promoting products and services. You can use macro influencer TikTok to grab more new customers and potential buyers. The cost is also more affordable compared to traditional campaign costs. Plus, it helps you to grab wider customers. 

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