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Let's Learn from Coca Cola Digital Marketing to Get the Best Digital Marketing Strategy Inspiration!

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Coca Cola is not focused on selling its drinks but selling the happiness that can be obtained by the people who drink its products. That's what makes this soft drink company survive until now. Now, let's learn about Coca Cola digital marketing to be applied in your business later.

Coca Cola is trying to maintain its brand presence with a consistent brand image, this is shown through the use of the same logo color psychology since the early 20th century. Coca Cola uses red and white colors which apparently influence people to immediately recognize the product just from the color of the logo.

Coca Cola digital marketing is related to pricing where the company uses innovative price variations with more affordable prices. This company also performs price skimming to determine market position. This is one of Coca Cola digital marketing strategy because it can differentiate it from its competitors.

Coca Cola digital marketing is to innovate in products and distribution where until now this product has been present in more than 200 countries and regions. This company also has 200 companies that become subsidiaries with different brands and types.

Promotions at various levels have also become Coca Cola digital marketing campaign. Coca Cola leverages the lifestyles of its customers from the various locations where it operates. Coca Cola has also carried out a campaign by sponsoring global events such as the Olympics since 1928 so that more and more people know about it.

The next Coca Cola digital marketing strategy is to carry out a four-point digital transformation plan. The company is trying to transform on four fronts. First is operations that use artificial intelligence to save time, second is cultural transformation which will offer customer experiences through digital technology, the third is business transformation to ensure its business is different from others, and finally with experience transformation that will be more accessible and understand consumers.

Coca Cola also conducts campaigns on social media through content marketing strategies. In addition, the company also uses reusable packaging as a part of their campaign strategy.

Those are some Coca Cola digital marketing that you can learn to make digital marketing strategies in your own business. Make sure you focus on the user experience, not just on the product so that you can be closer to consumers.

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