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5 Things in Amazon Digital Marketing Strategy

by Admin

Who doesn’t know Amazon? As one of the best e-commerce sites today, this place has helped many sellers and customers to sell and buy products. Of course, this achievement will be strongly related to Amazon digital marketing strategy. Let’s find out how great the digital marketing strategies of this biggest e-commerce company from the USA are in the following paragraphs.

1. Amazon PPC Advertising

This first strategy is arguably the most effective way to increase sales. In a recent report, many brands using Amazon PPC advertising get an ROI of 400%. It is an incredible number though. This ad is similar to Google ads. That is why if you want to try this advertising, how to do it is almost the same as on Google.

2. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization cannot be separated from digital marketing. Without this strategy, your product will be hardly found by the customers. Applying the right SEO for your products can help to increase sales because the customer can get your product on the first page of the search on the internet. Choosing the best SEO specialist is important here.

3. Instagram Digital Marketing for the Seller

Another Amazon digital marketing strategy is using Instagram. This social media hit is enough to attract many buyers to see and then buy the products from the sellers. Showcasing the products on this social media platform is a good idea because of the high rate of people checking their Instagram.

4. Creating Awareness from Blogging

Creating brand awareness is crucial and Amazon understands it. That is why Amazon creates blogs to create brand awareness or it is usually called branding. This awareness will help how people will remember about Amazon or your products. In blogging, the skill of content writing and SEO is a must. So, finding a content writer with SEO understanding is the right thing to do.

5. Online Advertising Through Social Media and Email

After building customer awareness, there is online advertising through social media and email in Amazon digital marketing strategy. This strategy allows you to create advertising for your products, so people will know more about your product and its benefits. Usually, using a shortener link website can help you to redirect the customer to go to the landing page directly. If you need a shortener link website, let’s register in the Choose your best package and get the highest sales now.

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