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4 Reasons Why Business Owners Must Use TikTok Influencer Ads Now!

by Admin

TikTok influencer ads are so powerful to boost awareness or even sales. It is because they have loyal followers. They are curious about anything their role model uses or does. 

Indeed, business owners must try to use this TikTok marketing strategy to reach more customers. Here are the reasons why influencer ads are an effective advertising medium today.    

Influencers Have a Solid Bound with Their Followers

A successful influencer can build a solid community and has a strong relationship with their followers. After that, followers will follow things that their role model does or uses. Say that an influencer is using a specific skincare brand. 

They explain the way they use the product and the benefits they get from it. Some followers will believe it and try to use the same skincare, especially if they have the same problem as their role model. That’s why putting ads to TikTok influencers is effective to boost sales or at least awareness.  

Influencers Can Make Natural Ad Content 

Unlike ads from companies, influencers can make more natural ad content. Smart influencers often combine soft and hard selling on their videos. Viewers are comfortable watching the video until the end even when the influencer promotes a product or service.

TikTok influencer ads are even more effective because viewers can’t skip them. Their curiosity leads them to watch the content to the end even if there is a promotion or call to action. 

Influencers Affect Customers’ Decision 

Some people may get confused about whether they have to buy a certain product or not. Then, they open TikTok and find their favorite influencer uses the same product. Based on the latest study, 49 percent of TikTok users decide to buy the product after watching videos from their favorite influencers. 

It means that influencers affect customers’ decisions. Your customers may postpone their plan to buy your product. Luckily, their influencers use your product. Imagine that your customers can change their minds in a few minutes! Putting ads in a TikTok influencer is so powerful, isn’t it?  

Influencers Understand Your Market Wants 

Influencers are close to their followers. It is not only the followers who know their influencer well but their influencers also know them. The information from the influencers can be so valuable to determine the best product you should give to them. 

Viewers or followers will buy and use your product. It is because the product seems to be related to them after watching promotion content on their favorite influencer’s account. 

So, why don’t you try using TikTok influencer ads now? Then, see the results before and after using this marketing strategy. As long as you choose the right influencers, the result will be satisfying. 

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