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Link in the bio shows an information that the user doesn't know

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O social media marketing like it or TikTok, of course, you are already familiar with the term bio link. The bio link is placed in the social media bio as additional information about who you are that can show a little of your identity. The bio column can be given a link, or we call the address www or HTTP. If you don't understand digital banners' bio marketing links, this article will discuss them more fully!

Definition of Bio Link

The link in the bio is the link or URL address listed in the biodata area of ​​the description column of a social media account. So TikTok or Instagram users, the front page has a bio column where you can write a motivational sentence, a promotional sentence, or a wise sentence. For example, selling baby needs, contact 085xxxxxxx. Well, the writing is placed in the Instagram bio column, which later, when someone else opens your Instagram, you will know what concept your Instagram is dealing with. If it is used as a business medium, there must be a bio link to speed up the introduction of your business on Instagram. Such a model is included in digital e-marketing. The number of Instagram and TikTok users has reached 1 million, which means that every cellphone has one social media account, which can also have other social media accounts such as Instagram or FB. Make the most of social media to spread your business and find out what techniques can successfully attract organic consumers.

It is recommended that there is a bio link.

The primary purpose of having a link in the bio is to make it easier for users or followers to know what is in the link and what they want to introduce there. Therefore, the bio link must contain familiar words and no deviant terms. For example, you write the bio link only symbol numbers and letters without any keywords. Most people will immediately skip your Instagram. Why?

Not attractive, but if there is a bio link with the keywords funny baby videos, selling healthy snacks, or something else, it will be a little interesting for people to open it. Well, from the bio link, you can later direct followers to follow your activities or sell your products.

When the Tiktok digital bio marketing link is successfully clicked by one of the followers and undergoes a buying and selling transaction until the end, an exciting promo appears again when the link is listed. So, the bio link points to your Instagram or TikTok profile which is engaged in any field.

The bio link is not only 1, it can be two or more, but when one bio link has been clicked, it will be delicious if the page directly directs followers to various sales products, vital information, or content impressions. The longer followers enter your social media account, the higher the hypnosis to pry on your account. Use this latent attitude to attract consumers and add good comments so that followers are more captivated.

Variety of Bio Links

1. Promotional Media

As a digital marketing URL, Amazon is directed for followers to glance at clicking links or links with product marketing concepts.

2. As Company Site

They were used as a directive to an online store's website or a place of business. This bio link is generally used for start-up companies or middle-class MSMEs.

3. Url to Social Media

Are links with keywords directed to other social media accounts such as Twitter, YouTube, or TikTok? For example, you have an IG account with a bio link Then the link has pointed to youtube as the second link, which later when followers open it, will go directly to the youtube application specifically for your business or your content. Remember, many followers prefer moving content to still content, such as photos.

However, it also depends on the type of content created because there is flexible or suitable content for making videos. Still, there is content that is only written enough.

4. Affiliate Link

Affiliate is a joint or joint work of digital promotional media from one Indonesian company to one company from abroad. The intended affiliate link is a referral code link to users who can get a fee/discount when buying on a cooperating platform. For example, when you spread the link to store A, five people, and all five managed to click on the link, you will get discounts, fees, or vouchers for purchasing specific products. Usually, some can be cashed, but some are not. Well, this kind of bio link model also needs to be careful because there is a bio link that offers sales items and credit or debt with the lure of prizes or giveaways.

5. Sponsored or Partnership Links

If your brand is in the process of partnering or partnering with one of the sponsors, then you can include the link in the bio. For example, the link in the bio of the Layos Sejahtera store is engaged in renting cheap tents in collaboration with Jowo Medok catering services. The link can be written in the bio link section of your TikTok or instagram account.

Sample Bio Link

Examples of links in the bio have been mentioned above, such as using the URL www, HTTP, links, and so on, followed by the main keyword. To make a bio link, you need a bio link creation service, not only as long as you write a www.blabla link, but there must be a link from 1 link to the intended page. It is impossible for the link written to go to the destination page without a technician or expert directing it. Http:// is a digital marketing agency service that handles explicitly linking from social media or others. From 1 link in your bio, there must be a destination link that can be connected— guarantees successful link building from start to finish. Most people who move their business online must have a product link in their store. For example, you open an online store with marketplace L's help and then post 120 products there. Each product has a link originating from the L marketplace, which can be re-added to your IG bio link. To grow your business, you need a bio link for content created on TikTok. So, your Instagram bio link comes from an online store link, creating content for the product on the TikTok link.

An easy way to display the bio link is to open the edit profile home page, add the website link, and click done. But, remember, creating and displaying links are different things. According to digital marketing expert Kotler 4.0, marketing should benefit all parties and make all parties participate in working together.

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