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Here are 10 Functions of Including Links in Your Social Media Bio

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The link in the bio is often found when scrolling through social media, especially accounts owned by business people or influencers. But, then, what exactly is meant, and what are the benefits of using the bio link?

What is a Bio-Link?

A bio link is a link or URL that is added to the profile description section of a social media account. It aims to make it easier for followers to open links to websites, content, product pages, and other essential pages.

This link in the bio is essential, especially for those working on a project, promoting a product, the latest product collection, and suggesting new articles to be visited by followers or those who visit your account. The link in the bio is, of course, for digital marketing that supports the audience to access the content you share quickly.

The Importance of Including a Link in Bio

Why is the bio link important? Well, below will be explained further about the importance of the link in the bio, including:

1. Direct the audience to current promotions or upcoming discounts page.

2. Direct customers to a link where they can buy products from your brand.

3. Direct the audience to your brand's main page, whether it's an online store, website, or e-commerce link.

4. As a link to a popular blog post or one of the most recently visited articles.

5. Direct followers to the best-selling product pages in your online store.

6. Make it easier for consumers to find out how to download, how to buy, how to use the product, and others.

7. Direct the audience to a link to the podcast, video, or website you promote.

8. Tell your followers to participate in giveaway events or other marketing projects.

9. Direct customers to links that allow them to view brand info, price lists, store lists, tips, purchase information, and so on.

10. Be your means to announce new product launches.

Types of Bio Links

The types of bio links that you need to know are:

1. The company website contains a link in this bio to the company website or online store website.

2. Promotion directs the audience to click on a link containing all the products/services being marketed.

3. Link is a link for a referral code so that users can get a discount or commission on purchases on the platform they are working with.

4. Partnership link, this link you usually write in your bio if your brand is tied to a sponsor.

Benefits of Link in Bio

One of the benefits of the link in the bio is as a means of product information. This link will make it easier for potential customers to obtain more information regarding the products/services of your brand. Or, more efficiently, you can use by registering at and creating a bio link for your social media.

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