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4 Methods for Measuring Brand Awareness

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What should you do to measuring brand awareness? There is no way you can develop your brand successfully without measuring it by following these simple yet useful methods.

Check Earned Media

You might have a big question about what earned media is. It is content written about you or your business that you have not directly paid for or posted. You need both earned media and public relations efforts to build your brand awareness, after all.

If you need an even better idea of your brand reach and awareness, you need to dive into finer metrics, including shares, social media engagement, and reach with every earned media about your business. This way, you will have a better understanding of people who know your brand and why they can know your brand.

Check Website Traffic

You also need to check your website traffic by comparing direct traffic and referral traffic. When someone types your website on the browser without redirecting from other websites, it is direct traffic. Direct traffic means that people remember your brand enough and it is a great brand awareness.

Meanwhile, sometimes people visit your website through other websites and it is called referral traffic. It is also good to have referral traffic because it can show your brand credibility by association with those third parties.

Monitoring both of them is necessary in measuring brand because you can find out what works and what fails.

Build Social Media Awareness

To grow brand awareness, you also need to build strong social media awareness. You need to keep your social media accounts active for boosting engagement and representing your brand in front of people more often.

For this purpose, you need to post various content, tag relevant parties, and create content that can engage your audiences.

In this circumstance, ai for digital advertising can also help you determine what kind of content can engage your audience the most.

Monitoring each social media platform and content posted can help you get useful insights on what can work great for your brand.

Gain Backlinks

More backlinks mean stronger brand awareness and that is why gaining backlinks is crucial for your business. To make more people link to your website as a reference, you will need a strong content strategy.

As a result, your website's SEO and visibility on search engines can be boosted. Well, measuring brand awareness by monitoring backlinks can help you with your content strategy creation, after all.

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