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Which Is More Profitable: Digital or Offline Marketing?

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Both digital marketing and offline marketing are forms of promotion that a company can do to market its products. But, for those of you who own a business, have you ever thought about which of the two promotion methods provides greater profits? Check out the following explanation to find out the answer.
What are Digital Marketing and Offline Marketing
Digital marketing is a promotion or marketing that utilizes several online media platforms to introduce products to the public.
Unlike digital marketing, offline marketing can be interpreted as manually marketing and not using online media to attract customers.
Digital Marketing Strategy, Offline Marketing
In digital marketing, the most widely used strategy is promotion through social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, to online shopping platforms such as Shopee, Tokopedia, and others.
Digital marketing is a trend that is quite promising because, in this modern era, everyone must use social media so that it becomes a practical step to be able to attract more new customers.
While the strategies used by companies or business owners use to run offline marketing are, for example, advertising in newspapers, billboards, posters sticking on the side of the road, and participating in bazaars.
Digital Marketing Development
The evolution of digital marketing has progressed rapidly from year to year, also supported by technological sophistication, especially the internet. Based on a survey conducted by the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Users (APJII), there is an increase in internet users by 10% every year.
In Indonesia itself, the use of the internet, especially social media, has mushroomed since 2015. Since then, digital marketing has been overgrown as a profitable marketing method.
Offer Advantages of Digital Marketing and Offline Marketing
The advantage of digital marketing is that business owners do not need to go one by one, hand to hand, to market multiple products to customers. Instead, only by using social media advertisements can the information provided spread widely and quickly. In addition, in digital marketing, sellers can send products anywhere without customers having to come directly to the store.
One of the advantages of offline marketing is trust. The promotion is done manually so that customers can see and feel the products they buy. Because there are many cases of consumers buying goods online, those offered on social media and those they are different. This affects the level of trust and consumer decisions to buy the product again or not.
In addition, many customers feel safe when buying goods offline in stores because they can choose directly according to their tastes and reduce the risk of damaging goods if sent online.
Digital marketing, and offline marketing, both have their respective drawbacks as well as in helping you promote products. Choose a marketing method that suits your market needs and goals.

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