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Website Advantages as a 2022 Digital Marketing Platform

by Admin

The website is an integral part of digital marketing today. This does not apply to large companies selling their products, but MSMEs engaged in fashion to food only need a website as a digital marketing effort in 2022.

However, many people still don't know the advantages of having a website for this digital era because that's what the advantages are if you have a website as a digital marketing effort in 2022.

Strength Site

1. Have data activity

As you know, if there is another way to sell products digitally, namely through the marketplace, however, when you use the marketplace, you don't fully own the sale of data.

The use of third parties will limit you from seeing your online visitor traffic; this is very different when you use a website; you can manage the incoming data completely without certain restrictions.

2. Tracking

Using the website as digital marketing 2022, you can flexibly do tracking. You can even find the quality of product pages and products that enter the online store.

There is a bounce rate, conversion rate to conversion attribution, which is an evolution of digital marketing, all you can get. So with that, you can optimize sales by removing products that you feel don't support sales.

3. Adjusting marketing channels

By using the website, you can adjust the target market according to the activities and habits of the users; this you will not be able to do if you use the marketplace because a third party will directly manage this.

On the website, you can 100% manage your target market according to your wishes and according to which market you are going to; by adjusting the marketing funnel, you can undoubtedly increase your product sales.

Disadvantages of Website

Of the several advantages of using a website as a digital marketing tool, several things are often an obstacle and are complained about by some people. Namely, the URL address is too long.

Some people don't care about this, but some see this as a drawback in 2022 digital marketing.

Why is that because a short URL address will make it easier for people to remember your website, and the simpler your URL address, the more attractive it will look.

But now, there are several website link address shortening applications that you can use as a solution for website link addresses that are too long, such as a

With web address shortening applications such as a, of course, you can make website addresses more attractive and more straightforward to remember.

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