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Don't Underestimate the Power of SEM e SMM for MSME Digital Marketing!

by Admin
To succeed in digital marketing, MSMEs must use SEO well. However, SEO is not the only effective method of digital marketing. For example, you can try using the SEM e SMM method.
What is SEM e SMM?
This term is a combination of SEM and QMS techniques. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. At the same time, SMM is Social Media Marketing. These two things are similar, but several points make them much different.
SEM and SMM emphasize advertising features on search engines and social media. This is much more effective because everyone often uses the two platforms. Therefore, search engines will endorse advertisements with keywords the user is looking for. Meanwhile, social media can show advertisements according to the interests and history of user interactions on the platform.
Because it has been adjusted to the target, people will quickly see the brands and businesses being marketed. With this method, many online businesses can finally successfully maximize their digital marketing efforts.
Why do MSMEs Need SEM and SMM?
For MSMEs, this is very important. Today's competition is very tight if you don't use the proper marketing techniques. The use of SEM and SMM is beneficial in solving this problem. Only by placing an ad will your MSME be better known.
To be more effective, SEM and SMM must target specific consumer groups. For example, for selling frozen food. To sell quickly, you use SEM and SMM with advertisements targeting culinary lovers, homemakers, busy people who need instant food ingredients, and boarding house people. Because the target consumers pass, many people see frozen products and know about your business.
Your brand name is already visible even if they don't click on the ads that appear. The more often people read the MSME brand name, the marketing effect will be the same as seeing a banner on the street or an advertisement on TV. People will feel familiar with and prefer your product because they see it often.
Maximizing SEM SMM with Microsite and Shortlink
For those interested in using SEM and SMM techniques, you need a Microsite and Shortlink. Ads placed on Google for SEM must go to a specific website. The targeted website can be a Microsite compared directly to the core website.
Many people use Microsite for content creation as well. So the SMM methods can also be combined simultaneously. For example, you post a promotional video on social media or YouTube. Then, you can paste the content for the contents of the Microsite. Benefits like this can maximize brand presence on the Internet.
On the other hand, short links ensure the Microsite URL address is short and easy to remember. If there are keywords in the URL, Google is also easier to find. The combination of Microsite with Shortlink is much more effective in digital marketing. So try combining SEM e SMM with Microsite and Shortlink services for maximum results!

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