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Get to know the types of digital marketing ads and the benefits for companies

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consumers' attentionBut, broadlyAdvertising or ads have various definitions that we can find in various sources from various experts. Broadly speaking, digital marketing ads are an effort made by companies to attract the attention of consumers.

Efforts made in digital marketing ads can be through short messages, images, or even videos. Experts say that ads or advertising has an important role in marketing because it can help sales.

Types of Digital Marketing Ads

In the business world, advertising is an important part of attracting new customers in a persuasive way, there are several ways that can be done, including digital marketing;

1. Online Advertising

The development of the era requires all to switch to digital, one of which is the advertising process. The positive impact of using online media as a marketing tool is that the company can reach a wider market reach easily.

In fact, digital marketing ads like are able to help companies in targeting the right target market from gender, age, location, and many others.

Digital marketing ads often used start from youtube ads, instagram ads, facebook ads and google ads to microsites for bio links which can later be linked on the company website or social media accounts.

2. Print ads

This type of print advertising may have decreased in use, but the use of print media is still carried out today, such as making banners that are placed on the roadside, brochures, posters, and even newspapers and magazines can be used.

The use of print advertising is considered to be less effective at this time in addition to requiring more expensive costs than online advertising, and its market reach is also narrower.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Ads for Companies

The benefits of digital marketing ads for company development:

1. Promotion tool

As the name suggests, ads are used by companies to carry out a promotion. This is done by the company to notify interesting things related, such as new or old products that are remade to attract old consumers.

2. Raise the level of consumer awareness

The use of digital marketing ads like the ones you make at can help companies increase consumer and potential consumer awareness regarding the company or the products of your company.

3. Comparator

The existence of digital marketing ads that you spread through digital media will affect the psychology of consumers who see your ad. With these advertisements, consumers will compare other products with your product, so the competition will be healthy because it is judged objectively by the consumers.

Using's services to create digital marketing ads can attract more consumer interest because the advertisements that are distributed must be done on a large scale so that they can be compared to various competitors' products.

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