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Don’t Get Confused About Looking for The Best Social Media Content Scheduler, We Have 4 Of Them!

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Posting your marketing or promotion content manually on social media takes time and energy. Imagine that you must post 9 to 12 pieces of content a day. Plus, you may post a social video that takes a long time and on different platforms. Here, we want to show you the best social media content scheduler that helps to post content automatically.  

Sprout Social 

Sprout Social is one of the best social media content schedulers because it supports you to publish content on social media platforms at once. Now, it is not a problem anymore if you want to post content on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest at the same time. 

This software has effective features to schedule and post content at the right time as you wish. Interestingly, a user allows others to access their account. This feature is suitable for business owners who have to connect to marketing managers, social media managers, and others. 

You can even analyze the result once you post content. It includes the impression, engagement, the growth of your followers, and others. 


Loomly is also the best social media content scheduler you should try. Just like Sprout Social, Loomly also allows a user to add other users to manage the schedule. An account can have up to 30 users and post content to up to 50 different social media accounts. 

Say you have a lot of videos and photos to post and you need to give them status. The system can classify your content whether it is still a draft, pending, need to be edited, approved, or published. Try using this social media scheduler if you are an agency, a start-up owner, an influencer, or even a freelancer and a non-profit organization. 


CoSchedule is an effective social media scheduler to use. It is not only scheduling your post but also reporting the result. As a result, you know which post receives great engagement and which one doesn’t. Then, decide the type of post you have to choose to attract more viewers. 

The goal of this software is that you can create and post fresh content continuously to reach your goals. The faster you post content, the easier to reach a higher engagement. 


Agencies must use Sendible. Users say that it is one of the best social media management tools for agencies. It is reasonable because users can’t only post content on social media platforms but also on websites or microblogs, such as WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, and Blogger. 

Now, you only have to choose the best social media content scheduler and use its features. Then, feel the benefits before and after using the scheduler. 

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