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6 Steps to Promoting YouTube Video Effectively

by Admin

Hello everyone. Do you want to become a content creator, or are you promoting YouTube video? As we all know, becoming a content creator is not easy. Especially for those who work without a team. There are some easy ways to promote your YouTube videos.

1. Choose Keywords That Are Easy For Google to Find

For those just starting out with their channel, this is a very effective way of promoting YouTube videos. Quoting from, people are now not only searching for videos on YouTube; they are also using Google search. To make your content more discoverable on Google, you need to do the following:

a. Identify potential keywords

Choosing the right keywords can be done with a number of tools, such as Google Trends. This tool detects what trends are happening right now in the form of what people are searching for the most on Google.  You'll also be able to find ideas for your video content by using this feature.

b. Use familiar words

Don't use the language that your audience doesn't understand. You can use plain language. Choosing the right words will make your video easier to find. For example, you can use the words "how-to" like how to setting up youtube ads and "tips" like tips to maximize google youtube video ads in your tutorial content. 

Apart from that, you can also write down the gist of the video right away. In order to generate titles and descriptions for your videos, you can use these keywords. This allows Google to analyze your video and show it on the first page of Google Search. 

2. Use Short Titles

Be careful not to overcomplicate the title or make it feel overdone. You can create titles of 60 characters or less, so YouTube pageviews don't truncate your video titles. If the title is too long, the viewer will lose their interest to watch. The key to giving your YouTube content a title is to make it short but interesting.

3. Create Attractive Thumbnails

Do you often see thumbnails in your YouTube video presentations? These are known as thumbnails. Simply put, a thumbnail is the cover photo or thumbnail of your YouTube video. This image is the first thing that audiences will see when they watch a YouTube video.

The main function of this thumbnail is to grab the viewer's attention. According to MIT research, our brain can perceive a visual image in just 13 milliseconds. So, how to grow youtube channel fast? You need to show an attractive thumbnail like this:

  • Unique design

  • Pictures that match

  • Bold text as a short title

4. Improve Video Description

Every aspect of YouTube needs to be improved to build a great channel.  One of them's going to write a description for what this video is about. As you know, a YouTube video description is usually an overview of the content. However, you can make your video easier to find by writing a good description. Here are some ways to apply the instructions in the video:

a. Use keywords

To increase searches for your video, choose keywords that accurately describe your content. When writing your description, always start with a compelling summary. Also, for best results, mention your target keyword such as how to post ads on youtube in the first few sentences of your description.

b. Follow the video and have fun writing

If the description doesn't have a connection to your video content, it can have negative effects on viewers' perception. It is important to write the description of what will be shown in this video, so that viewers are able to get a good idea of what's going on.

c. Add hashtags

Try adding hashtags (#) that match your video content. It will be easier for your audience to find your content. These hashtags can include keywords such as "how to make adsense on youtube" or "how to make money on youtube".

d. Promote your video

Promoting YouTube video is important to build a great YouTube channel. The description field allows you to enter your title and link. The viewer will be able to see better and won't have to look back. It's best if there are no significant differences between the content of the attached video and that of the earlier one. One way to make this step more efficient is to turn the video content into multiple threads.

5. Improve Audience Interaction

The most effective way to promote your YouTube videos is to engage with your audience. Because you will be in direct contact with your audience. Building good engagement can turn your audience into long-term followers. However, building trust with your audience requires the following steps:

a. Invite others to share content

Yes, you probably already know this. That appears to be a template used by almost every video creator, and this is of crucial importance in relation to the promotion of your videos. For example, when they don't mind sharing your video with their friends,

B. Listen to your audience

In fact, you don't have to reply to every comment. You can choose a few positive ones and reply to the comments or like them. When responding to viewer comments, viewers usually appreciate your efforts to engage with them. It can also make viewers feel heard and keep them watching your videos again.

c. Invite audience to join

If you know your audience well, ask them to give the next content ideas at the end of this video or in the comments section. Make sure to select the most appropriate ideas, and make videos on these topics. And remember, when you use your ideas as a backdrop, credit should be given to the audience.

6. Improve Your Social Media Usage

Perhaps this method is not new to you. Social media's effect in terms of marketing is fast, as we know. To make friends and contacts aware of YouTube videos, as a first step, you should be promoting YouTube video on all over platforms. If you're done with these steps, you can make money by creating youtube ads and get more viewers afterwards.

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