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Digital Video Advertising: The Current Trend in Digital Marketing

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More companies have recognized digital video advertising as the bright future of digital marketing, and for good reasons. Video advertising can help improve your brand's online visibility on all platforms. In addition, a 2021 report by Wyzowl revealed that 86% of businesses were using videos as a part of their marketing. So, if you're currently marketing your brand and do not use video advertising, you'll most likely miss a great opportunity.

Why Is Digital Video Advertising the Future?

People in the past would never think of using online videos to advertise something. However, as videos become the natural part of the web browsing experience, advertisers quickly utilize videos to engage with their targeted audience. So, why is online video advertising the bright future of digital marketing? Well, it just works.

As more and more people gain easy access to the internet, they will consume everything they see, including videos. On top of that, videos can carry out deeper meaning and message than other forms of marketing tools. Combined with the current trend and topics, videos can quickly gain millions of views.

Current Trends in Video Advertising

As this marketing tool became more popular, new video advertising trends began to emerge. Below are some of the most popular trends in digital video advertising.

1. Micro Video Ads

Think With Google revealed that micro-videos are an effective digital marketing tool to engage with Millennial buyers. The use of these 10 seconds-long videos is driven by the fact that modern digital marketing doesn't always call for immediate actions, but rather a journey through different stages and techniques. If crafted skillfully, micro-videos are an effective tool to increase brand awareness.

2. Video Ads on Social Media

Video ads and social media platforms are a match made in heaven. Due to certain habits on browsing social media, users think of nothing when scrolling through hundreds of videos they find. If you love browsing Instagram or Snapchat, you'll find countless ads disguised as videos from creators you love.

3. User Generated Content

Like using a URL shortener for bio links, user-generated content is a rising trend in digital marketing. The concept of user-generated content is similar to video ads on social media. The prime example of this trend comes from short-video platforms, such as TikTok and YouTube short, in which companies come up with clever ways to make ads look like nothing but ads.

So, those are some of the current trends in digital video advertising. If you employ those techniques, be sure to add a shortened link in your social media bio. As such, be sure to register your brand's website to

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