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Link Shortener: The Definition and Why You Should Use It

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What is a link shortener? The term link shortener is currently often heard in digital marketing. Yes, it is one of the tools to use for it. But before talking more about this unique tool, it seems better to explain first what a link is.

A link, known also as URL or the uniform resource locator, is some characters arranged in a certain standard format. It works as a site’s address on the internet. Usually, the formation of the URL is adjusted to the website structure. That’s why links or URLs often seen are quite long. To shorten it, including in online digital marketing services, you need this tool, the link shortener.

The History of Link Shortener

Okay, you have known that a link shortener is a tool functioning to shorten the URL. The tool is getting more and more popular after the hype of Twitter. You know that Twitter is one of the social media that applies character limitations. That’s why a tool to shorten links becomes very useful to post texts on it.

Twitter even has its own URL shortener namely Although has been very popular since some years ago, it is actually not the first link shortener in the world. Internet users including those working in the automotive digital marketing agency use the service from TinyURL. The service was created in 2001. Until now, TinyURL is very popular for its function and simple usage despite many new competitors. Well, is one of TinyURL's biggest competitors.

Benefits of Using Link Shortener

Okay, if you are a Twitter addict, it is reasonable why you need to shorten every link you post. But is that only Twitter that implements the regulation about shortening links? It is not. Even without such a condition, it is not bad to shorten the link to the post.

The first benefit of a link shortener is that the link is more memorable. For digital marketing, a shorter link is easily remembered even by netizens who see it once. A long link makes people tend not to focus on the main address and often they end up leaving it, not clicking it. That’s why even in big companies such as Coca Cola digital marketing, the link shortener is widely used.

Second, the link shortener doesn’t only work to shorten the link but also has some other functions. One of them is link Masking. Link Masking literally means masking or beautifying the link. These function links look simpler yet more attractive. You can even frame or cover the link using other names to attract more viewers. Sure, if you use this function wisely, it is very important for branding.

Using the shortener to mask the link is beneficial for improving Google analytics digital marketing. However, you should be careful also as there may be side effects. Yes, this function is often utilized by spammers or hackers. They use it to hide dangerous links to deliver viruses or malware.

Some browsers and sites that provide the tool currently have improved their systems to make the toll cannot be used for dangerous links anyway. For example, Google Chrome has a protection system to avoid links with threats to access it. of course, not all browsers and sites are aware of it.

Third, the link shortener can be used also for link tracking. This function is very important for online business. Yes, through the feature, you can track the number of clicks as well as the conversion obtained. This way, you can measure the performance of the digital marketing strategy used.

How to Choose the Best Link Shortener

Okay, so far, you have known benefits to get from the tool to shorten links. Of course, you can use it to shorten any link you want and share it to any social media and sites just like the B2B internet marketing agency.

However, it is also very important to know the right and the best tool to use. Remember, many developers now have produced and offered link shortener products but not all of them are good enough to download and use.

To choose the best link shortener, first of all, you should go to a credible website or developer. Choose one of them in which the name has been well-known for good products. Check also testimonials to know how the product performs and if customers are mostly satisfied with its performance.

Second, check also the features provided in the tool. At least, it should have features for shortening, masking, and tracking. If there are more tools to improve digital and online marketing, it is getting better for sure.

How to Use Link Shortener Well

How to use it? The explanation will be clearer if you have downloaded the tool and then opened it. Of course, it means one tool product to another will be different. But generally, the right usage of a shortener is when you can share a link to some websites at once. It makes it easy to use other features like the link tracker.

Besides, make sure to use the result of the link shortener (the link that has been shortened) for your bio profile in every social media owned by your business, like for the law firm web marketing. In addition, you should also avoid using shortened links in some conditions such as in anchor texts and email or chats.

It is “forbidden” in anchor texts because you don’t need any addition when wanting to track the URL. The data can also be found by using tools like Google Analytics. Short links also tend to confuse visitors as well as cause errors in the links themselves.

The shortened link is also not for the content of emails or chats. The reason is almost the same. Particularly if you use a shortener that is not trusted, it is often an error and cannot be opened in emails or chats. Of course, it just makes the link useless. Even for promoting your business via the best internet marketing agency, the link in chats and emails should not be shortened.

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