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Before Choosing a Digital SEO Agency, Make Sure The Following 2 Things Don't Lose

by Admin

Today, many agencies offer digital marketing services. This digital marketing technique is indeed widely used to promote products digitally. There are several known digital marketing techniques. Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Affiliate Marketing, Native Advertising, and Social Media Marketing are examples of digital marketing that are often used.

Digital marketing service providers usually cover some of the above techniques. But in this article, I will discuss SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are three types of SEO: On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. On-Page SEO, we are usually familiar with optimizing keywords. Page SEO is outside the website, such as social media marketing, a microsite for bio links, advertisements, or other collaborations. Technical SEO is more to the foundation of the website.

Often the results displayed by service providers do not match your expectations, messy and uninformative websites, lack of consumer understanding, slow website performance, lack of copywriting that attracts customers, and many bad things that might happen. So that you don't feel lost with the performance of Agencia Digital SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that doesn't match your expectations, make sure the following two things first.

1. Look at digital marketing service providers

The company name and status will be listed at the bottom of the digital marketing service provider's website. Please make sure the company that provides digital marketing services has PT or CV status to guarantee its performance.

Besides that, while surfing their website, how did you feel? Is it comfortable? How does their website look? Does it match your expectations? The website of a digital marketing service provider is a direct reflection of the company's performance. A good website contains complete information as well as a user-friendly display.

2. Portfolio and services offered

Agencia Digital SEO is required to display its performance in the form of a portfolio. Please take a look at the portfolio they display first. How does it perform with previous clients? Has it succeeded in increasing visitors to its website? A good agency can improve the performance of its client's website compared to before.

If the portfolio is impressive, move on to confirming the services offered. For example, does it include website monitoring after SEO implementation? This is quite important to see the development of the website after using SEO marketing. Is there a development in visitors?

Whichever digital SEO agency you choose, make sure they have designed the right strategy, right on target for your potential customers. If you need help making a microsite for a bio link or shortening a link, you can visit the website The steps are simple and easy to practice. Besides that, the created microsite can be customized according to individual tastes.

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