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TikTok Digital Marketing

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TikTok digital marketing is not foreign when you hear TikTok, one of the platforms that are mushrooming among smartphone and social media users. TikTok itself can be used as social media to share various videos. Currently, there is a lot of content that can be found on this platform, ranging from unique videos to education, dances, news, challenges, and so on.

Even this platform provides an excellent opportunity to do business, especially now that there are many TikTok users of various ages. So not only for those who have big businesses, even if you are in the MSME business, you can also do business through TikTok.

TikTok marketing or TikTok digital marketing is a marketing technique carried out by particular brands or businesses through TikTok social media. So, TikTok digital marketing is a method that provides valuable facilities for business people and entrepreneurs. By downloading TikTok, there will be various features, facilities, and advanced tools that business people can use.

So how do you make TikTok a business?

· You must first download the TikTok application either through the Google Play Store or the App Store

· Register with a business account by filling in your personal information

· Click Me, then select the three dots button at the top > Manage My Account > Switch to a Business account

· You can select the desired business category

· Update your business accounts profile, such as online store logo photos, website addresses, business-related info, and more. If you intend to create a website address or link without being extended, you can do so by shortening the link. This also makes it easier for customers to find your store link.

Running TikTok digital marketing will be easy if you know how to implement the right strategy. That way, it can help increase your business sales.

You can also place ads to help increase your business, including TikTok Ads. Then how do you know or monitor the performance of these ads? You can see it through this bio link Well, share the statistics of visitors to your account, and the store website can be viewed regularly.

Through, you can manage your orders and store stock. Besides that, you can also manage sales with a digital management system—monitoring financial reports, customer reports, etc.

To make TikTok digital marketing easier, you can register directly via the link in the bio above.

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