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Digital Promotional Media and Links in Bio

by Admin

With the rapid development of the internet, there are many digital promotional media that entrepreneurs can use. With so many variations of promotional media, sales will increase due to the breadth of product information on the market.

Entrepreneurs can use the most suitable digital media to promote their products at the beginning of the sale. Then when it is running, promotion on other platforms to increase the target market needs to be worked on.

The following review will discuss the many digital media that can be used for promotion and the importance of websites to simplify the link in your bio that you place in promotional media.

Social media

Social media has turned out to be a very potential promotion site. Because based on research, eight hours of Indonesian people's time surfing the internet is spent on social media.

Thus, making social media a digital promotional medium is appropriate because you can reach various groups. But of course, you need to adjust to the demographics of certain social media users.

For example, Facebook is mainly used by ladies and gentlemen, so you need to adjust the language used. However, the use of photos and writing is still crowded here because it is enough to attract attention.

It's different if what you use as a promotional medium is Instagram. On this digital platform, young people and teenagers are more dominant. Thus, of course, the video will be much more interesting than just using text and images.


Youtube is not a social media. However, this platform can be a potential digital promotional medium with many visitors daily. To promote on YouTube, of course, the media you need is video.

Making videos on YouTube by professionals is indeed not cheap. But, promotion on YouTube in the form of advertisements deposited on Google Adsense or advertising itself on your videos will increase sales rapidly.

Because potential customers will not only get complete information about your product in the video and can be directly directed to visit your website. Your marketing will become more effective and efficient,

Link Shortener

Link Shortener will be very helpful when you put a bio link. Because links that are too long and have been remembered will make your prospective customers lazy to check them. As a result, sales may decline.

But it's different if you use a shortener link like, which you can access quickly and free of charge. You can simplify the links for your products and stores, making them easy for customers to remember.

That's a review of digital promotional media and shortener links that you can use to increase your product sales.

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