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What is Kotler 4.0? Check Here Full Explanation

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Marketing 4.0 or Kolter 4.0 is one of today's most widely used marketing strategies. Interestingly, there are already books that specifically explain this marketing strategy. But even so, in this article, we will briefly explain the summary of the 4.0 marketing strategy or just the gist of it.

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What is Marketing Strategy 4.0

Marketing 4.0 is a marketing strategy that uses the basis of research conducted by Professor Philip Kotler. At this time, maybe the name Philip Kotler has been recognized by many people because of the research he has done.

Philip Kotler is an American writer on marketing. He is also a consultant and professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Philip Kotler explains that the marketing mix supports the current understanding of marketing. Philip Kotler helped create a field of social marketing focused on helping individuals and groups change their behavior to lead healthier and safer lifestyles.

Philip Kotler also provides a strategic overview as a link between people's needs and industry response patterns. Because of this, he is considered the Father of Modern Marketing by many experts.

In a book created by Philip Kotler, he explains that Marketing 4.0 is a form of marketing approach that combines online and offline interactions between companies and their customers.

In today's digital economy, just doing digital interactions is not enough. However, a brand does have to be more flexible and adaptive because of the rapid technological trends. But the original human character must also be more critical than ever.

The main advantage of digital marketing or digital marketing is that the targeted audience from the start will be easier to reach using a more cost-effective and scalable way.

In addition, increasing brand loyalty is also one of the advantages offered by digital marketing. Not only that, there are many other advantages provided by marketing 4.0, such as a more global reach, the ability to follow current trends quickly, and even helping to build customer loyalty.

So that's a brief explanation of Kotler 4.0 or marketing 4.0. From the explanation above, it can be concluded that currently, the existence of marketing 4.0 has indeed helped a lot to develop a business.

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