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What is B2B Digital

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Marketing products for B2B requires a different strategy than for B2C. Branding is essential as many companies should know the product as possible.

What is B2B

B2B sales are business-to-business sales, namely buying and selling transactions between companies. The market is smaller than B2C businesses. Therefore, other companies need to be educated about the product as well as possible. This is because the purpose of the purchase, in addition to the benefits of the product, is also in terms of efficiency and price. So it will include information about product specifications and the product's advantages compared to other similar products. Thus, the role of the company's official website will be constructive.

What is B2B Digital

B2B Digital is a digital marketing strategy for products sold on a B2B basis. This marketing strategy is different from traditional marketing strategies. In a digital marketing strategy, the role of the website will be significant and become a mainstay. This is because product education will be more effectively delivered and reach a broader market with the company's official website. Moreover, the website is active non-stop, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, without holidays. However, to be easily remembered by potential consumers, the web name must be short and easy to memorize, and the spelling is not complicated. What if the name of the company's website is already long and unsupportive, don't worry, there is a solution. The website can be shortened or shortened. You can use for this purpose. The method is also easy. Register at and then create a bio link using so the shortened link can be distributed to various companies; potential consumers can also be listed on the company's official social media bio quickly. This is very helpful and increases the results of B2B business digital marketing efforts.

B2B Digital Marketing Stages

In implementing B2B marketing, here are the steps.

Pre-Tiger Stage

At this early stage, the product needs to be introduced to the company's prospective clients or potential customers. The easy way that is also the most effective is by promoting through the website and social media. Besides, it can also be traditional or offline by submitting face-to-face meetings and presentations to prospective client companies.

Trigger and Consideration Stage

This stage is a phase to influence prospective clients by providing testimonials and free trials, as well as offering promo prices, so that prospective client companies are interested in making a purchase.

Purchasing Stage

Then at this stage is the crucial stage, namely when the client company is interested in the products offered. So I will make a purchase soon.

Experience Stage

Then the marketing strategy will not stop when the client finishes the purchase transaction. Still, there must be maintenance efforts and healthy after-sales relationships to influence clients to become customers and make repurchasing or repeat purchases.

That is digital B2B, a compelling new strategy in addition to traditional marketing.

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