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What is 360 Degree digital marketing

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In business, there are various marketing strategies to strengthen branding. Now there is another thing called 360-degree digital marketing.

What is a 360-degree digital marketing

360-degree digital marketing is a marketing strategy that seeks to introduce and bring product brands closer to consumers and potential consumers. This 360 digital marketing strategy is very effective, carried out via the web and various official company social media, simultaneously through various advertisements on television, radio, and print media, as well as other advertising media in online and offline forms in all media and ways. In this case, it also includes the installation of banners, product packaging designs, etc. In essence, all channels are used simultaneously. A definite advantage of this 360 marketing strategy is the collection of more complete and faster data about the market and consumers needed for analysis.

360 Degree digital marketing goals

The primary purpose of Marketing 360 is to display product brands so that they are always present everywhere in the world of target consumers and potential consumers. So that every time a related need arises, consumers will remember and try to fulfill their needs with the product. The basic idea of ​​the digital 360 strategies is to utilize all existing digital weapons to market products and introduce product brands to the entire target market or the target market more broadly.

Steps to Implement 360 Degree digital marketing

The steps for implementing the 360 ​​Degree digital marketing strategy are as follows.

Website making

The first step is to create the company's official website or the product brand's official website, which can also function as a product online store branch. In addition, the website can also be a means to collect data for analysis and a communication channel with consumers. A good website name is short and easy to remember, with spelling that isn't complicated. Therefore, the official website will be very effective and give significant results. The website also needs to be optimized with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts so that it always appears on the first page of search engines or search engines and is visited by as many visitors as possible who feel at home browsing the website for a long time and are satisfied because they get added value and find what they are looking for and needed. On the website. Thus, website traffic will increase sharply.

Quality Content

A good website also has quality content to support it.

Social media

Then take advantage of the various social media that exist in an integrated manner. In this case, there are Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Line, WhatsApp, Telegram, and so on.

Optimize Contacts

The company's official contact must also be quick to answer any questions. Try to be easy to contact, reactive, proactive, and active for 24 hours continuously, non-stop.

Given the importance of a company website that supports the efforts of the 360 ​​digital marketing strategy. So ideally, the name of the company's official website is short and easy to remember, and the spelling is not tricky or complicated. But there's no need to worry if the company's web is not supported and it's too late and difficult to change. So ads are an easy solution that is fast and proven efficient and effective, namely by using, which is also easy. So, just register at Then create a bio link using, so the shortened link can be distributed to various companies; potential consumers can also be listed on the company's official social media bio. A perfect solution.

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