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How to use a URL shortener or link shortener on a website

by Admin

By the time we want to share a link or a link, maybe you've already got a link that is long enough to fill the character's capacity. The result is that you will find out how to shorten URLs. This time we will provide some recommendations for the best link-shortening sites you can use later in digital search marketing.

Why Should You Make URLs Shorter?

Besides shortening links later, you can use short URL sites or services if you want links shared on the digital web marketing to look more presentable and professional. Therefore, there are a few things you should know later why you should make this URL shorter.

- Make URLs more concise and easy to remember. For example, suppose you will share articles or product pages from a digital marketing business website using many letters, for example, "". In that case, you can truncate it to "", etc. Besides being shorter, it will also be easier to remember.

- Makes it easier to track traffic based on several factors, such as the device accessing the URL, the location of the viewer to where they will click on the URL. This can help you in analyzing the marketing program that is being run. This small number of characters can also make the links that you will share look more professional because they are neat and not long-winded.

How to Use Link Shorteners on Websites Properly

By now, you already know the reason why links should be shorter. You can start using this method when you share links anywhere, especially if you do digital marketing on TikTok. But, you should also know how to use the most appropriate URL shortener.

The most appropriate use of URL shorteners is when you will share a link to several websites at once. Using a URL shortening tool like this later can make it easier for you to track links easily. Also, make sure you use the short link for the profile in the bio on each social media account.

At the same time, you should also avoid using short and incorrect URLs. There are two ways of using it that you should avoid, such as:

1. Email or Chat

 It would help if you did not use short links when communicating with friends, moreover, if you are the most trusted person. So, your friends will not worry if the link they receive is malicious.

2. Anchor Text

 You do not have to use a URL shortener when placing a link in the anchor text. In this way of using, you don't have to add a tracking method. Instead, you can get the digital b2b link data using Google Analytics.

The Benefits of Link Shorteners That People Rarely know

Not only that, but this link shortening site also has many benefits that people still rarely know about. So then, what is it? The following are exciting benefits of link shorteners that you must know.

1. Has Many Features

If at the beginning of the launch of a link shortener in this world, it was just a link shortening, now various features will be advantageous. These features include protection features for security. So, you can add a password to the short link so that just no one easily accesses it. Several sites will later present various features, and some only serve to shorten digital marketing service links.

2. Easy to Deploy

This benefit is the most important, making it easy to spread short links on any platform for 8ps marketing. One of them is on Twitter. Currently, Twitter is limiting the characters for each tweet to 280 characters. With this link shortener, sharing the link with your followers will undoubtedly be easier. To make it more interesting so that people want to open the short link, you can change it by adding a short explanation related to the site.

3. Easy to Manage

The next benefit of short links is almost the same as when you use the services of an SEO specialist, which will make it easier to manage a link. Of course, you often find long and very messy links when opening a site.

The long and long link is due to further optimizing SEO. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a way to optimize search engines to get the highest ranking on Google. Therefore, one

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