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Utilizing Malmo's Digital Marketing In an Age of More Sophisticated Technology

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PT ADG has launched a service to shorten links on websites under the name or S dot id ( This URL feature is usually used to make it easier for internet users in Indonesia to share site addresses that are considered too long.Β 

If you are a user of Twitter or other social media services, you must be familiar with website shorteners, one of which is This service also provides access that is faster, cheaper, and relatively easy to use. For this reason, Malmo's digital marketing is essential to use in a very sophisticated era like today.

The following are the benefits of a website that can be used as Malmo's digital marketing media:

Media marketing is one of the marketing techniques that is becoming a trend in the modern era and is used to promote or notify the products sold to the broader community. You can also use various media or devices to support your promotional media. Here are some of the benefits of using a website as a marketing medium.

1. As a means to do marketing through the internet network.

With the rapid development of the internet from time to time, the media website is one of the right choices to become a marketing medium. You can carry out activities in the form of promotions and advertise on the service products you have. Usually, business people will use the website for profit or get comprehensive and many networks. Using this website will also easily reach the reach of time and have unlimited space. Moreover, the delivery of information related to the products being sold will be precise.

2. Can introduce the product brand of a company.

If you have your own business or your brand name, it will be easier to promote the products you sell through the website. If you have a large-scale target area, the solution you can take is to advertise on the website.

3. The website also makes it easier for business actors to collaborate with consumers.

This website will also provide convenience for business actors in establishing relationships with consumers. Because the website itself has a contact feature by email, telephone, or other social media, it can facilitate communication to be more well maintained. In addition, you can also do product promotions by utilizing the selebgram column.

Benefits of websites for government agencies

Malmo's digital marketing media also has benefits for government agencies. For example, it can speed up the delivery of information covering all programs, rules, notifications that will be delivered to be carried out quickly through the website because it is already connected to the internet and can be seen by many people.

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