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What are the Functions of Links in Google Digital Marketing?

by Admin
In an article or web blog, there is usually a blue or underlined link; what is a link? Usually, you will find a link in a blog post as part of Google digital marketing; a link is one element of an HTML document that points to another related section.
These links or links usually link with images; anchor text in SEO, so what are the functions of the link? Maybe you've often come across links when reading an online article; links or links have functions and several types.
Link Function
What are the functions of links or links? Links can help internet users to get information or other data; when you click the link, it will usually lead to a new page that contains different information from the previous page; the link is not only in the form of a document but also in the form of an image; files or other.
Links will undoubtedly make it easier for users to get information stored on the site's pages; usually, in a blog, this link still discusses topics that are still relevant to the reading you are reading, so this link does connect various HTML documents on the web, this can also link a web identity and describe the contents of content.
The link also functions as a data bookmark so that when you want to reaccess it, you can find it immediately; it makes it easier for Google bots to crawl and make it easier for bots to understand the content on the website, don't be surprised if links are one of Google's digital marketing strategies in increasing rankings on search engines.
With the help of the link, it will affect the amount of organic traffic on the website. How can the website go up to the first page of Google? One of them is by increasing backlinks or external links; who would have thought this method could increase organic traffic so that the website could enter the top rankings of search engines?
You need to do link building well if you have a website, especially a business website because link building will affect the SEO quality of a website's social media marketing content.
Several Kinds of Links
There are several link terms that you may need to know, especially for those of you who want to improve rankings on search engines; links or website links are divided into several such as broken links; backlinks; safelink; short links to spam links, of course, each link has a different function.
You can even set Google digital marketing links and make them easier to remember; modifying the link will help internet users easily remember the name of your product; with the S.ID Microsite feature, you can create a website as you wish.

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