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What is Online Marketing and its Types

by Admin
As technology grows and develops, it certainly makes the world today undergo significant changes. One of them occurs in the world of marketing. Previously, marketing could only be done offline by distributing brochures, installing banners, etc. Now, marketing can be done online in a way that saves more energy and costs.
Understanding Online Marketing
Online marketing or internet marketing is a marketing strategy that uses internet media.
You must often see many brands that appear on social media, websites, emails, and so on by campaigning for their products or brands; that is what is called online marketing.
With the help of the internet, digital marketing can promote your business without time and space limits. Online promotion can also be said to be more affordable than offline promotion.
Types of Online Marketing
1. Website
A website is a medium often used by business owners to introduce and promote products or services of a brand. Not only that, but usually, the website is also used to introduce and build a company profile. The advantage of the website is that it can reach a more significant and broader target user from all regions.
2. Email marketing
Internet users generally must have email. You can use email as a digital marketing medium to promote content about products or other information about brands. This strategy is very effective to use to increase visitors to your website.
3. Search Engine Marketing
Search engine marketing (SEO) or search engine optimization is optimizing websites to get top rankings on search engines.
The advantage of SEO does not cost. In addition to SEO, there is Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the meaning and purpose of which are the same as SEO. It's just that SEM requires capital to be at the top of the search results.
4. Social media marketing
Nowadays, social media is becoming a very effective online marketing for promotion because it has many users. Therefore, many social media platforms will give you space to promote, for example, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Tiktok ads, Twitter ads, etc.
Also, one of the online marketing methods often used is to put a website link or sales site in the social media bio. However, short links are needed to make it easier for many people to remember and visit your website.
Shortlinks help create a special microsite for your business to help visitors see various information from your business. Use, which offers exclusive and attractive features for your short links.

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