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3 Digital Marketing Categories You Need to Know

by Admin

Well, in the previous post, I discussed a little about digital marketing. For this time I want to discuss about the types of digital marketing. What are they? Let’s find out in this article.

The following are some of the categories that fall into digital marketing.


Since everything has been digitized these days, mostly, the first step taken by prospective consumers to find the desired item is to look for the product in an online store that sells it.

For that reason, having a website is a necessity that must be owned by a company. In addition, by having a website, the company will look more credible and more convincing. Websites can increase the visibility of your products in the digital world, because many users before deciding to buy, they will also check the product on the internet or on your website first.

When you have a website, you also have to know Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO itself is an attempt to optimize a website to get a high ranking in search results on Google or other search engines. The purpose of learning SEO is to increase your website traffic and visibility.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a part of digital marketing where marketing is done by creating various types of content to reach and interact with the target market.

Media used for content marketing include videos, articles, e-books, templates, and also infographics. When you decide to do business with content marketing, you must create content that is informative and useful for users, even though your goal is sales promotion and conversion, but you are not selling your product explicitly. That’s the main characteristic of content marketing, selling products, but not explicitly.

For example, suppose your business is selling fishing equipment, you can write articles about fishing tips, or about types of fish, etc. So, the main goal of content marketing is to increase website traffic as well as stable conversions.

Social Media Marketing

SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. Marketing through social media is currently a trend carried out by most companies. Nowadays it can be said that almost no one does not have social media.

Therefore, many companies are competing to create interesting content to increase engagement from their customers. If you want to expand your market reach, you can use social media advertising features like Instagram Shopping, Facebook market place and so on.

Actually there are still many digital marketing categories, we will discuss them in another post. So, We come to the end of this article, I remind you to make a bio link at Hopefully this post is useful.

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