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Tips for choosing the right influencer marketing based on the database you have

by Admin

Choosing a professional influencer to help promote your business is not an imagined goal because you also have to adjust the character and specialization of the influencer to what you are doing. One way that companies or individual business people can do in choosing the right influencers to carry out their marketing strategies is to use software that contains an influencer database or what is commonly called an influencer DB.

The influencer database is an organized collection of influencer data that can usually be accessed via electronic devices in a computer system. This data is usually in the form of information about the number of followers or subscribers, specialization categories, posting frequency to the location of influencers from various social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

By knowing the database, companies or businesses can easily choose influencers that match their promotional goals. For more details, here are tips for choosing the right influencer based on the data contained in the DB influencer software:

1. Number of Followers

The more followers an influencer has, the more potential customers you can get. Therefore, choose influencers with many followers with a note; these followers have fictitious accounts.

2. Brand Relevance

Choose influencers with specializations or fields in the same industry as your business products.

3. Involvement Percentage

Engagement is the relationship between influencers and followers which can be seen from the number of likes and comments on their social media accounts. The engagement percentage is relatively small if an influencer has hundreds of thousands to millions of followers but only gets 3 to 5 comments.

4. Social Media Accounts

Influencer marketing professionals with more than one social media account have an excellent opportunity to reach a broader target market. In addition, you can also check what brands have worked with the influencer.

The influencer marketing strategy is one of the most promising promotional methods, especially now social media users in Indonesia reach 150 million people with an average access time of up to 3 hours a day. For this reason, more and more business actors are using the services of influencers to promote their business products, be it celebrities, YouTubers, bloggers to celebrities who receive endorsements or marketing from famous figures.

After choosing the right professional influencer by utilizing DB influencer software, digital marketing cannot be separated from sharing links or URL links. If you want to make a simple and easy link to rewrite, please check to shorten your website link address. Using the web application also has several advantages, such as being user-friendly, safer, shorter service, and service support for the people of Indonesia.

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