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Feel the Karma of Digital Marketing Through One Application For Your Business Development

by Admin

Hi guys, have you ever not found a social media account from a company or store where one link contains several social media or contacts to buy goods or contact the store? Do they use a particular application, or what media do they use? And through this strategy, how big is digital marketing karma for your business?

Examples of Digital Marketing with Practical Applications

One of the media used in digital marketing is a website. As a seller or a company that already has a website as a place for sales, of course, you want the website address to be easily remembered by customers. Usually, the default link from the website is too long and laborious.

To overcome this, provides a service to shorten the URL address of your company or store website. For example, Sleeping's URL is HTTPS:// Then, from that URL, it was shortened to: And you can edit it with the URL you want, namely:

With this short URL address, you can easily share it with your customers to reach more new customers. Especially for those of you who are just starting a business or maybe a new MSME, this method can be used as a medium so that your digital marketing business looks unique, exciting, and attractive.

As we already know, the concept of digital marketing relies heavily on social media for product promotion. So, not infrequently, a company also uses several active influencer hits on social media to help promote.

Then, what if your company or store has a lot of social media, and you want to combine several of these social media in one place that is easily accessible to customers?

The rapid evolution of digital marketing requires sellers to respond to customer requests with responsiveness and agility. Therefore, in addition to shortening the URL address, also provides services in the form of a microsite.

A microsite is a multilink feature that allows you to create a mini-website with a design according to your desired taste. So that your website is not monotonous and you can adjust it to your business, for example, fashion, food, graphic design, automotive, and others.

In this microsite, you can include business profiles, website links, contacts, and several social media to music recommendations in one container.

The results of digital marketing karma that customers can feel from this microsite are that customers can choose several alternative platforms convenient for them to shop at your store because consumers usually have a favorite platform.

The benefits of digital marketing through this microsite can also keep your business profile from being misused so that customers can find your official platform in that one microsite, not scattered everywhere.

The advantages of as a Digital Marketing Media

· Original Indonesian products, so using this application means that you already support domestic products

· Easy to use and access

· Can be creative to make a mini-website according to taste

· Safer

· Easy to use

· More Practical

· Inexpensive

That's a little review of digital marketing karma using practical applications that can make your promotions cool, unique, engaging, and not monotonous.

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