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Understand the Facts of Digital Marketing for a Global Business

by Admin
Indonesia is one of the countries included in the top 10 countries that have the longest surfing time on the internet. The average Indonesian will spend 7 hours playing social media in just one day. Therefore, this is a digital marketing fact for business owners to maximize their promotion in cyberspace.

If you run a digital-based business, you need to consider how to shorten your business URL. Why? This is done to make it easier for people to find and remember your business.
The main problem that we usually find when we want to build a link is that the address we get can be very long. For example, a link about an image of a flyer on the web: as a result, people are not interested in visiting it. Therefore, you should create shorter URLs to make them easier to remember, recognize and visit.
However, you don't have to worry about that anymore. Because now there is an site that you can use to shorten your business link. This one site is a website link address shortening web application as we usually find on the internet and also a multilink microsite commonly used by many people on social media, which has become an integral part of it.
You need to understand that digital marketing has become an essential part of a business. Therefore, we must always actively follow the developments of the digital marketing world and various other digital marketing facts that we need to apply. It is intended that the run business is constantly growing and advancing.
Digital Marketing Facts in Indonesia

Below, we will discuss various digital marketing facts that you need to understand.
1. Attractive and Disguised Digital Ads
You need to understand that many people do not like advertisements done blatantly. The Celebrity KOL, of course, understands this. Therefore, most of them will make a video review as if they want to review the product to be promoted. This turned out to attract more viewers than the openly made video ad.
The audience will not care that the video is an advertisement. This is because the nature of the creators who review these products attracts more audiences to be interested in buying their products.
2. Digital Marketing Can Increase Turnover Significantly
This is one of the proven digital marketing facts. With the ease of online promotion, your business can be found by people looking for the products or services you offer.
People will always look for something on the internet in this instant era. SEO and SEM are marketing techniques that can present your business site on Google pages. One way to maximize SEO is to shorten the link address by using
Those are some explanations about various digital marketing facts that you need to understand. Maximizing business in the digital world can make your business grow and be known to many people. So, don't forget to always be up to date on digital marketing developments.

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