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Types of Digital Marketing You Should Open

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Digital marketing has always been the best promotional weapon with various conveniences. If in the era before marketing activities were carried out using the door-to-door technique, it seems that now it has begun to be abandoned and shift to a more promising digital world.

In addition to being an expert in marketing techniques, the scope is also extensive. Requires a lot of minimum knowledge preparation about the basics of the digital world and its media so that the practice is easy because you already know about it. To add information about digital marketing in the world, this time, we will present the types of digital marketing that you should know and understand, and you can use, including:

1. Dropship and Affiliate

Who knows dropship and collaboration? You must have heard of such shop affiliates or drop shippers everywhere offering their products. You can apply one of these types, you know, and the profit is unmitigated! Dropshipping is done by offering products from manufacturers and producers who will suggest ordering, and it is provided in the form of collaboration similar to dropship.

2. Search Engine Marketing

SEM or Search Engine Marketing tends to focus on promotion through search engines, which you can see, for example, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. This type of SEM is done through the creation of websites, Ads, to Landing Pages.

3. Email Marketing

The third is also a type of digital marketing in the form of email marketing or digital marketing done via email (electronic mail), namely the email itself. Email marketing is a type of digital marketing strategy that is very appropriate to be applied to a business with a Business to Business or B2B model.

4. Automation Customer Service

Even when they communicate or approach the product for the first time, information about potential customers can be known by the presence of customer automation services. After knowing this, the information will be directly forwarded to the customer service to start sales.

5. Social Media Marketing

Never underestimate the type of marketing that is done through social media. Because with social media, businesses can thrive. If you are a business person, you can take advantage of social media applications that have become a trend now, such as Tiktok, Instagram, or Facebook, and adjust them to your target customers. Don't forget to put the link in your bio if you choose social media as an alternative to business marketing. The link can lead to a sales website or something else.

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Marketing through digital media or digital marketing and friends is compelling for your business's progress. But you also have to be able to maintain good relationships with customers to continue to have a very positive impact on the development of your business. So keep it up, and don't give up.

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