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Verified Microsite: Where trust matters

by Admin

Hi friends, uses a verified badge, the "blue checkmark", embedded in the microsite profile component to indicate that the microsite is active, reputable, and has an authentic public interest, which has been independently verified by based on specific requirements.

Therefore, the verified badge on microsites makes it easier for people to recognize that the microsite accessed by the public is genuine and represents their personal and organizational nature.

A verified badge is obtained after the microsite submitted for microsite verification has been verified with predetermined verification criteria.

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Eligibility criteria to obtain a verified badge

Our team uses the applicable eligibility criteria at the time of verification to maintain the integrity of this platform. Your account must meet the following criteria to obtain or retain the blue checkmark:

  • Complete: your microsite must have a display name and profile photo in the profile component.

  • Actively used: your microsite and account must be active within the last 30 days.

  • Safe: account creation and microsite must be more than 90 days before applying for verification.

  • No deceiving: there have been no recent changes to your profile photo, microsite name, microsite link name, or account name on your account. Your account and microsite have no signs of being misleading or deceptive. Your account and microsite are not involved in platform manipulation and spam.

A checkmark will appear after our team has reviewed your microsite that has been submitted for verification and whether your account meets our requirements or not.

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Lost verified badge

According to the Terms of Service, may remove the badge on a verified microsite at any time without notice.

To minimize confusion and increase integrity on this platform, changes to your profile photo, microsite name, microsite link name, or account name can result in your microsite being permanently deleted without a verified badge until your microsite is validated to meet our requirements. During the review, changing your profile photo, display name, microsite link, or account name is prohibited.

The verified badge will reappear after our team has reviewed your account if you have resubmitted for verification and met our requirements. can also remove the verified badge from accounts or microsites that are proven to have violated's Rules. Any violation of the Terms of Service or Rules, manipulation of the process, or actions to circumvent enforcement may result in the loss of a checkmark or, in some instances, the suspension of either the account or the microsite.

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How to apply Verified Microsite?

You can follow the instructions from this article to verify your microsite.

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