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How to make your Microsite Verified?

by Admin

Hi friends,

Now your microsite can be verified! Or the trendy term is: getting a blue checkmark, getting verified and having a blue checkmark means your microsite visitor will feel safer and assured that you are a trusted account, so how do you do it? Let's look at the steps below:

Make sure you have added the Profile component to your microsite, then fill in the profile information according to the specified information.

  •  Go to the Settings section, scroll to the very bottom and select Apply Verification.

  • Click the Apply Verification button.

  • Fill in the microsite information for verification purposes.

Wait for microsite verification to complete.

 If it fails, users can still apply for microsite verification again with updated information. 

If successful, the verification badge will appear in the bottom corner of your microsite profile.

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