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Complete Guide For Setting Up YouTube Ads To Get More Viewer

by Admin

YouTube offers many opportunities to make money through the video you upload. You only need to know the way for setting up youtube ads, and this will be the starting point for more views and income. In this article, we will help you learn more about YouTube ads. Let’s start!

Upload A Video

The first thing you must do is upload a video on the channel you want to promote. Once you do that, you are ready for promoting youtube video through YouTube Ads. Next, open Google Ads.

Add New Campaign on Google Ads

YouTube Ads is one of the services by Google Ads. Therefore, to start promoting your video, you should open and log in to Google Ads or make a new account there. If you have Google Account, you can use it to make an account.

On the homepage of Google Ads, click the blue ‘+’ button to create a new campaign. Then, choose the video in the next window. Do not forget to choose the goal at the bottom part of this page.

Configure Your Ads Campaign

Next, you should set up your campaign. There are many things you should do here, such as:

  • Choose the campaign name,

  • Set the budget for promoting your video,

  • Pick the start and end date of your video campaign,

  • Select the networks where you want to promote your video (YouTube Search Result, YouTube Videos, or video partners on display network),

  • Choose the language and location where you want your video ads to appear,

  • Select the bidding strategy, which is the essential part of setting up youtube ads,

  • Configure the inventory, which affects the content category where your video appears,

  • Select the demographic/target audience, keywords, and topic of your video,

  • Insert the YouTube video URL you want to promote,

  • Lastly, choose video ad format then click the “Save and Continue” button and the “Continue to campaign” button on the bottom to finish the process.

Now, you have set up your YouTube ads for your video. You might have to wait until it shows you the result. If you set it up correctly, you will get the result you want.


Setting up YouTube ads will help you develop your channel, get more viewers, and more profit. Therefore, make sure you utilize this feature to get its benefits. Once you finished setting up youtube ads, you are on the right track for success with your video.

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