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Starter Service

by Admin
Hi friendS in February, officially launched its newest service, STARTER service!!

Price : - Starter (Monthly) IDR 44,999/month - Starter (Annual) Rp 444,999 (Rp 37,083/mo)

What are the advantages of starter services? following are its features:
  • Customize URL name
  • Rename URL : 30/month
  • Changing the shortlink destination address/URL : 3/month
  • Customize the microsite name
  • Hide "powered by"
  • Remove the logo on the QR code
  • Customize logo on QR code
  • Customize Color QR Code
  • Total lifetime visitor Statistics
  • Display of analytical range (up to 60 days)
  • Analytics retention (can go back 180 days)
  • Ads Free

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