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What You Need to Know About UCD Digital Marketing

by Admin
It is no surprise that digital marketing has been spending time under the spotlight. Ever since the era of social media, the marketing world is becoming more and more fluid. The term “digital marketing” now is not a foreign word. On the contrary, it has become the most wanted profession and famous among businesses. A digital marketer needs to know about what approach they should take. This step will also help them determine the marketing strategy. There are 5 aspects known as 5P. Product, Price, Place, People, and Promotion. One of the most famous approaches is known as UCD Digital Marketing. UCD or User-Centered Design is an approach that puts the customer in the center of decision-making.
How to Use UCD Digital Marketing
The first thing in your mind when branding your business should be your customers. There is a process known as empathy mapping. This mapping process helps you more than just create customer personas. With this map, you could understand your customers better and therefore supply a solution to their problems. When you are done with the empathy map, you could start to map out the user journey. This process is also crucial because a customer doesn’t just come and buy your products.
The main thing you need to focus on in UCD Digital Marketing is thorough user research. You could start by gathering past research findings. Comparing your data with your competitors. This will become your secondary data. You can analyze their marketing strategy, customer support approach, and even social media manager. With this, you could map out your target audience. Whether you wanted to have a certain group of people as a target audience.
Social media presence is important because everyone uses it nowadays. By analyzing your competitors’ social media, you gain more understanding of your target audience. Nowadays, most businesses use a microsite to gather their important information in one place. It is a useful tool to use because it offers convenience. To create a microsite, you could use It is also a tool for URL shortener. Creating a shorter, unique link that you could stick to your social media bio. There are also many more benefits that you can get when you register to Including a link manager that you could use if you are creating more than one microsite. Being convenient is an appeal to your customers, and definitely, a nice tool to help your UCD digital marketing.

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