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Everything You Need to Know about URL Shortener that Useful for Your Digital Marketing Needs

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URL shortener or commonly called link shortener is a website that can turn a long and heavy link into just a few characters with just one click. This link shortener can let you share links with less characters and even best url shortener can measure performance.

This link shortener is very easy to use by anyone. Therefore, this online url shortener is very important for you to use in your business as part of a digital marketing campaign that you can do.

What Exactly Are URL Shorteners?

Link shortener is one of the online marketing management tools that can create a short and unique link or URL that will later direct you to the destination website. These shorter URLs are random letter combinations and some are even in the form of a custom url shortener.

What is The Importance of URL Shorteners in Digital Marketing?

In digital marketing, of course you must be able to get good digital marketing performance. One way is to make your audience or users able to enter some of your sites more easily. This is where the use of link shorteners.

As explained earlier that link shorteners are part of online marketing management so this link shortener will make it easier for you to shorten links that are too long so it will be simpler if you have to share them on social media, messages, or email and will look much more professional.

An important part of digital marketing is strengthening the brand image. Therefore, by using a link shortener, you will be able to customize the short links that you create. This will keep your brand image intact and still appear easily in search engines.

You can also analyze performance through the metrics offered by the best web agency websites that provide this link shortener. The metrics shown are who clicked on your link, where, when, and what information can help you to calculate the ROI of your digital marketing campaign.

By using a link shortener, you can also carry out digital marketing campaigns easily on digital promotional mediabecause in some digital media such as social media there are usually a maximum of characters that can be displayed in the bio profile. One type of digital promotional media is Twitter. There is a character limit of 280 characters. So you need a link shortener to shorten URLs or links.

What are The Best URL Shorteners in 2022?

The first best web agency that provides link shorteners is has a lot of data shortened and you can also analyze the performance of your links with metrics like demographics, referral sources, as well as clickthrough impressions via the dashboard. This one service is also available in a free version, so this is very beneficial for you. For the free service you will get analytics and link customization. Meanwhile, the paid version allows you to get branded links, QR codes, use more data, and can also be used by many users.

The second URL shortener is TinyURL is custom url shortener where you can also customize links. You can do this customization without having to sign in to the site first, so it will be easier for you.

The next online url shortener site is Rebrandly. If you use this link shortener, you will get your own branded short link and also with a special domain even though you do it using a free account. It's amazing, isn't it? Not only that, Rebrandly can also help you with tracking, optimization, and scaling. But you can only access these features if you become a paid member.

You can also use Hyperlink as another link shortener option for your digital marketing campaign. By using Hyperlink, you will get real time notification when someone clicks on your link. You can also set it to hourly, daily, or weekly mode.

Next custom url shortener is Bit.Do, where this link shortener can be the best and simplest option for you to use. Why? Because Bit.Do can help you customize, view link traffic statistics, and also generate automatic QR codes. You can also get short branded domains with Bit.Do. But you need to pay to get that branded domain.

There is ClickMeter which you can also make your choice of online url shortener where the dashboard of ClickMeter makes it great for getting the most out of your links. With ClickMeter you can monitor links, you can also find out which visitors are providing the best conversion rates, and you can track the number of clicks and views.

Another best url shortener that you can use is Shorter.ST. By using this service you need to pay a high fee. But with that cost, you will get a lot of useful data for your business needs such as a comprehensive and complete statistical dashboard that you can monitor.

Clkim is another smart link shortener. This is because Clkim is able to switch users based on the cellular system as well as geography. Is it cool, right? It enables users to access the site in the most suitable way. Not only that, Clkim allows you to do A/B testing to learn which pages give the best conversions. Clkim will also retarget based on a special list of people who have clicked on your link.

How The Link Shorteners Actually Work?

Maybe you are wondering how the link shortener provider is actually able to provide shorter links. In short, if you enter a URL, the system will send an HTTP request to the server and later can open certain websites. So link shortener works with a system that has been created to make redirects from your long URLs to short URLs.

Now do you know about what a URL shortener is? In addition to the link shortener list recommendations as mentioned above, you can also use as a best url shortener option to help you carry out digital marketing campaigns. You only need to register an account at and enter your long link. Then you will get a short link that you can put in your social media bio and voila… your social media users will find it easier to visit your websites. So don't forget to try it, ok? Good luck!

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