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Importance of the URL Shortener for Digital Marketing

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Is there any relation between a URL shortener and digital marketing? You will not be able to do digital marketing properly without URL shorteners, after all.

Why should you use a URL shortener?

The best digital agencies in the world will not forget to use a URL shortener since it can be beneficial for the digital marketing campaign. Everyone is using social media and sharing things on social media is getting more and more common. Sharing your web address on social media might be useful for reaching more people. However, you have to remember that people's attention spans on social media are very short. Sharing a long URL will take up the post a lot. You can make it shorter with a URL shortener so you can have more space to share your thought.

A web address is usually simple and easy to remember. However, there might be a time when the link gets much longer and hard to remember when you try to share it. It must be hard to memorize this long address. That is why you can make it much shorter by using a URL shortener. The link will be more descriptive and help people to know what to expect when clicking the link.

A URL shortener will also be useful for branding and digital marketing. You can do this by making branded links. The tool will also allow you to track clicks and more. You will be able to gain various kinds of beneficial information from the link and it can be used for your digital marketing program. The URL shortener cannot only be used for shortening your web link. It can also be used for deep linking to your apps for encouraging people to use your apps.

How to Make URL Shorteners Impactful

Using URL shorteners might be useful for digital marketing. However, even the best digital marketer in the world will try to make sure that using URL shorteners can be impactful for their digital marketing campaigns.

For this purpose, you have to make sure that the URL shortener you use is from a reputable company. You can find various free offers of URL shorteners, but choosing the best companies will always help you get the best result, especially for your digital marketing.

One of the reasons why you need to use URL shorteners is that you will get data analytics that can be used for your digital marketing campaign. You should not ignore data analytics from your URL shortener because it can be used for comparing your efforts. This way, you can find the marketing strategy that does not work well.

You should always use your domain name when shortening a URL using a URL shortener. Do not forget to use a related keyword, as well. The audience might love a short link but it does not mean that it always has to be that short. They will love a short link that comes with your brand name. Using a related keyword for the short link will also increase your rank on the web page which will be great for SEO, for sure.

How to Choose the Best URL Shortener

You can find so many options of URL shorteners in the market, but finding the best one will help you bring more impact to your digital marketing. Yes, you do not want to just use any URL shortener and when looking for the best option, you might want to consider some of these aspects.

Each URL shortener comes with various features that can offer solutions to your problems. Of course, you have to evaluate the available functionality offered by those URL shorteners. This way, you will be able to decide the features you need for your business.

It will be so much better if you can find a URL shortener with some essential functions, such as tracking and analytics options. You will also find great help when the URL shortener also comes with features for social media sharing and integration. Other important functions you want to find from the tool can include the custom domains or URL slugs and retargeting functionality.

When choosing a URL shortener, you also have to pay attention to your website platform. You have to make sure that the URL shortener can integrate with the platform. The internet marketing agency near me will never forget to make sure about these aspects.

Before deciding on the URL shortener, you have to determine whether you want to brand your short links or not. You will not be able to use the opportunity for your brand expansion if you choose generic link shorteners. The short link you make will include the URL shortener brand name instead of your brand.

If you want to keep your business name on the short link, you need to consider using branded links. It will be more beneficial for your digital marketing purpose because your audiences will be able to remember and recognize your brand name easily. This option is also great for helping you build credibility for your business. You can make sharing a short link a promotion if you include the brand name in your short link.

Another aspect you have to consider when choosing the best URL shortener is what is included in the cost you have to pay for the URL shortener. Well, you might have to spend more if you want to get more functions and quality for shortening your links. You can simply use the free and generic URL shorteners if you do not want to do anything with tracking or branding links.

If you do not mind spending more money on the link shorteners, you can do more with your links. This is an important aspect you need to create a successful digital marketing campaign. Comparing the price is unavoidable, but you must not forget to compare things included in the cost. You have to make sure that the paid solutions can offer you convenience, ease of use, and advanced functionality from the URL shorteners. If you need the best URL shortener, you can subscribe to and create your bio link with for your social media bio.

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