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Learn Digital Marketing Easily through Google Digital Garage Digital Marketing

by Admin
Currently, many businesses have switched to digital because digital developments are also growing rapidly. This makes the needs of companies for the digital marketing profession also higher. For you who want to become a digital marketer, you can start learning through Google Digital Garage Digital Marketing.
What is Google Digital Garage?
Google Digital Garage is a non-profit program created by Google to help people have skills in the digital field, one of which is Google Digital Garage Digital Marketing. Google is working with its partners to provide these training classes. Most of the classes held are free programs. For paid programs are only provided by Google partners.
What's in Google Digital Garage Digital Marketing?
There are several materials that you can access when you take this Google Digital Garage Digital Marketing class. If you are really new as a digital marketer, you can take a Fundamental of Digital Marketing training class. The materials in this class are how to shift a business from offline to online, how to use search engines to grow a business, get to know social media and websites for marketing and provide value to customers.
Not only that, you will be taught several marketing media such as websites, Google My Business, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), social media, email marketing, content marketing, and others. Although this is a basic class, you will get in-depth material such as how to design a user-friendly website to how to choose a domain and website language.
In this program you are taught that marketing cannot be separated from the campaign. You will know that in marketing there is not only a sale but also an exchange of value. The purpose of this is to make users relatable to our business so that later it will be easier to generate or increase sales.
After being given lessons on how to create a digital campaign, you will finally be taught how to analyze whether the campaign you created has been successful or not. Here you will analyze it using Google Analytics. You will be faced with one important term, namely Key Performance Indicator (KPI) with various metrics.
At the end of each module, you will be given practice questions to test your understanding of what you have learned. Well, in addition to attending training at Google Digital Garage Digital Marketing, you can also practice directly to create digital campaigns using a microsite or shortener link for you to include on your social media. You can make it at Create your account there and quickly run your digital campaign easily.

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