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Find out the price of digital marketing services in 2022

by Admin

The existence of digital marketing has proven to be effective in helping business people to get more consumers. This is undeniable because online as it is today, online marketing is proven to be able to boost sales of a product. Then, what is the price of digital marketing services?

In online marketing, you can easily promote your product to everyone. This is certainly a good thing, on the other hand, it makes your business fail in marketing business products to potential consumers. Therefore, it is very important for you to determine what your goals are and how digital marketing can help you achieve those goals.

The following is the cost of digital marketing services based on the type of service. However, the prices mentioned are for MSME businesses or businesses.

Website making

Website is one of the assets of a company. Trust, credibility, and brand image will be at stake on a business web page. It is very important for a company to pay attention to the functions and web features suitable for your business model.

Popular platforms used for businesses are WordPress, Wix, and Bootstrap. Prices offered for business website creation services start from 1,500,000 to 8,000,000.

Online Advertising

Ads or Ads are important in building a business. The two most popular online Ads platforms are Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Both have their advantages and their market. The right ad placement can help you spend your advertising costs more efficiently.

In addition to Facebook Ads and Google Ads, Instagram Ads have also proven effective as a marketing medium because the Instagram application is one of the most widely used applications. As for this online advertising service, the costs required to start from 50 thousand per day.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows your business to appear on search engines without paying per click. This SEO service is very tricky, so you have to be selective in choosing a digital marketing agency because not everyone can do it right.

The most widely used platforms for SEO services are Google Search and Ahrefs. The range of costs that need to be spent is starting from 3,000,000 per project and 15,000,000 per month.

Video creation

Currently, brand marketing that is packaged in the form of videos is in demand by many people. The most popular video sharing platforms today are YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok. The price range that needs to be issued starts from 2,000,000 per minute.

Article creation

Not only displaying products, fill website pages with articles that contain information related to your business. The price variable for article creation is usually adjusted to the number of words, the language used, and the quality of the article. The cost for this article starts from 25,000 per article.

In addition, you can complement your business marketing by creating a Microsite for bio links. You can easily add your current business link with the help of The trick is you need to create an account and then add a special link in your social media bio.

That's the estimated price of digital marketing services that you need to know. Before deciding which agency to choose, make sure you know the track record and credibility of the agency.

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