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Get to know BNSP Digital Marketing and the Benefits You Must Know

by Admin

Recently, digital marketing has become one of the most open fields of work, especially since the pandemic, and many people are using communication technology. For those starting to work in digital marketing, you must have certification according to government regulations. You can take certification from BNSP digital marketing so that your competence is legally recognized.

About Digital Marketing Certification

What is BNSP? BNSP, or the National Agency for Professional Certification, is an independent agency established by the government to improve the quality of the workforce in all professional fields. To get digital marketing certification from the government, you need to do the following things:

1. Make sure you have basic digital marketing skills and knowledge

Make sure you continue to develop the basic and scientific skills you already have because of the dynamic nature of digital technology and the need to adapt to the times.

2. Look for a professional certification body that is an official government partner

Make sure you choose a legal professional certification body that has obtained permission from the government to issue competency certification. Don't be tempted by illegal institutions whose existence is not apparent.

3. Prepare a budget to join the certification program

Getting a professional certification, of course, costs money. If you are already working, you can invest it as a salary to join the certification program.

Advantages of BNSP Digital Marketing

After you get a certification from BNSP regarding digital marketing competence, here are the benefits you can get:

1. Improve work efficiency

As an employee with a digital marketer professional certification, you certainly have more honed skills and are legally recognized. Even a survey by IDC proves that certified employees are 90% more productive and 60% more effective than employees who are not certified.

2. Increase availability and mitigate risk

Employees who have digital marketing skills tend to be able to recognize problems in the work environment so that they can provide the right solution. So that you are considered more professional as a digital marketer, you can use a microsite for social media bio links using, register at

3. Improve superior business agility

Those who have a digital marketing certification can be a priority for many industries, follow trends, and explore technology growth. You tend to be judged to be more agile and can improve job performance more effectively.

4. Improve efficiency, productivity, and cost reduction

As an employee with a professional certification, especially from BNSP, you tend to stay with the industry longer, so you can reduce recruitment costs and minimize obstacles to the business.

Those are some things related to BNSP digital marketing and the benefits you need to know. For that, become a digital marketer with superior competence and skills that follow the times.

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