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Let's Learn Social Media Digital Marketing Strategy!

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In an effortless sense, digital social media marketing is a trading process carried out through social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok.

However, if interpreted broadly according to the understanding quoted from Hubspot, digital social media marketing is an act of creating content that attracts people's attention.

Neil Patel also explained the explanation of digital social media marketing, namely the process of attracting people's attention to be bound by the content presented. If it is bound, netizens can likely share the content in more significant numbers.

From the explanation above, digital social media marketing is essential in buying and selling or branding online. This method can increase a company's branding and is easy to remember by the wider community.

You can use the marketing process through social media to learn about competitors' strengths and weaknesses. Then, by utilizing social media, you can create products or services that are more attractive than competitors.

Digital Social Media Marketing Strategy

There are several strategies that you must do to be successful in digital marketing on social media. Here are some strategies that can help your business on social media:

1. Learn Customer Taste

The first strategy you should do is to know the customer's taste. This taste should be your benchmark in issuing products or services through social media.

You are not only mapping customer tastes, but you also have to create exciting content on social media. The more the customer's tastes match the content you present, the greater the engagement.

2. Determine the Platform to Use

Social media platforms have different features, like Instagram, which has different features from TikTok. Therefore, determining this platform is very influential in presenting the content of your products and services.

Let's say you choose Instagram as a platform for branding marketing. That means the products you provide must be marketed by creating content in a millennial style.

Why does it have to be like that? Because Instagram users are used mainly by the millennial generation, your content must be packaged as relevantly as possible.

3. Create Content and Schedule Posts

When creating content, make sure it results in increased engagement and sharing. With unique and exciting content, people who see it can be interested in buying or using your product.

To create engaging content, you have to do some research on your customers. Then, to make it easier, you can create viral and modified content according to the product or service being marketed.

When your content has been created, don't just post it. You must schedule the posting time in prime time. For example, don't upload content after 9 pm because many people are already fast asleep.

4. Evaluation

In every social media, the Insight feature is provided. You can use this feature as evaluation material. You can see a lot of data from audiences on social media.

For example, on Instagram, through the Insights feature, you can find out about the gender of the audience, the active time of the audience on social media, to the number of audiences who saw your content.

From evaluation through this feature, you can learn audience patterns. In fact, from here, you can also find out the tastes desired by the audience.

Those are four social media digital marketing strategies that you can do online. But you must remember to look for the right platform so that the product or service being marketed is right on target.

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