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Understand what marketing 4.0 is as a marketing strategy

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Marketing 4.0 is a marketing approach that combines online and offline interactions that occur between the customer and the company. Well, this brief understanding can help you understand Kotler marketing 4.0.
What is marketing 4.0?
Why is there such a strategy? In this sophisticated era, marketing is not enough if done online. Companies also still need offline marketing to ensure that consumers get satisfactory service from their services or products. Well, this is one of the goals of social media marketing.
Later a brand will not only focus on digital branding. You also have to be able to provide engaging, up-to-date, and relevant content for customers. Well, the content creation process will have to be able to bring a human touch to the process of making it. The existence of artificial intelligence and machine-to-machine is also developed in advancing this digital marketing.
For its implementation, companies must have a human touch in strengthening customer engagement. Well, this combination is called marketing 4.0. later you will also learn about kotler marketing 4.0.
The importance of using extensive data analysis for marketing 4.0
With the availability of 5 dimensions of data and extensive data analysis, it can be said that big data is essential for the success of marketing strategies. The data will be explored further to obtain more information, such as customer shopping habits, tastes, and even characteristics.
Later this technology will be used by marketers to adjust their way of selling using a personal approach to each customer. Of course, this is related to the shopping habits or tastes of the target customer.
From here, it will be seen if offline forms such as a personal approach are needed to get loyal customers. It is even said that big data can complement marketing 4.0 and help companies that want to build good relationships with their customers.
The promotions carried out by this marketing strategy will use data on customers' shopping habits. No wonder it makes marketers able to make the shopping experience more personal to customers. Big data can also improve the feedback cycle from customers to service or product providers.
In essence, big data makes marketers feel very helpful in developing their products or services and finding ways to stay relevant to their customers. This data will be used as the latest insight in Kotler marketing 4.0 because it will make your company or brand more responsive to market demand.
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