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Tax on payment Paid account

by Admin
Fees are exclusive of taxes, duties, levies, tariffs, and other governmental charges (collectively, “Taxes”), and the Customer is responsible for all Taxes resulting from this Agreement or Customer’s use of the Services. will invoice Customer for Taxes when required to do so by applicable law, and Customer agrees to provide payment under the terms of the invoice. In the event Customer is required by law to deduct and withhold any Taxes on amounts payable under this Agreement, any amounts required to be withheld will be promptly deducted and timely remitted by the Customer on behalf of to the appropriate taxing authority and the Customer agrees that it will provide with copies of all necessary documents (including but not limited to tax receipts received from the applicable tax authority) in order for to claim and receive a foreign tax credit in an amount corresponding to the amount withheld by the Customer.

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