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What is Marketing 4.0 and How Does It Work?

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With the development of technology, business can be done more efficiently. Hence, the move from direct marketing to online marketing or commonly referred to as Marketing 4.0. But in reality, there are still many who do not understand this.

The online market and the offline market do have their advantages and disadvantages. But the two are not trying to bring each other down. Even if mastered well, combining the two will increase sales.

The following review will discuss one type of digital marketing due to technological developments: Marketing 4.0. We will start with a general discussion and proceed with a more detailed one. Read more.

Understanding Marketing 4.0

This type of marketing combines online and offline marketing. So that the advantages of both types of marketing can be taken, and the shortcomings can be anticipated.

This marketing combines style and substance, not only merging online and offline stores in sales. So the benefits of Marketing 4.0 or the benefits will be greater than the marketing risks.

In this marketing system, humans still play a significant role. Whether humans like it or not, they still have to be a supervisor for this marketing course. Even with artificial intelligence, the role of humans has not diminished.

The approach in Marketing 4.0


The first approach is to get the audience to know the product or brand that you are selling. This approach can be made with various methods; physical and digital advertising will be beneficial to provide an understanding of your product.


At this stage, by using the Marketing 4.0 method, the audience has begun to be interested in the product you are selling. Prospective consumers will consider the need and necessity to buy before deciding.


The interest felt by potential customers will make them ask questions. Based on the Marketing 4.0 book, please explain the urgency of the products you offer to customer needs.


After understanding the need and urgency of your product, the buyer will decide. This is pretty much influenced by your ability to explain the product because you are a crucial factor in the sale itself.


The final approach to this marketing technique is advocated. This means that satisfied customers who have bought products from you will respond well. This response will be the capital for you to develop your business.

This type of marketing is not as easy as it seems. But if you have mastered it well, your sales are guaranteed to be better because it uses online and offline marketing advantages.

That's a complete review of Marketing 4.0, from a general understanding of the approaches used during marketing.

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