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Welcome to S.ID!
Hi There! is a platform for people to show their expertise in creating microsites and shortening the shortest links with the code Not only an online content application, but is also a marketing tool that makes it easier for people, especially content creators, influencers, brands, or company marketers, to share information, knowledge, expertise, and product knowledge that is marketed to everyone through the features provided by
We are so glad you are here. You can jump right in and easily shorten, modify and share your link. Let's start with the basics.
Create a short link
Turn your long links into short links.
Customize for easy to remember
Change the link from to a link that looks like this
Share your link
Copy and share your short link on all the channels you want.
Create a Microsite/Bio Link
Microsite is a way to share your entire online content using only one link..
Customize content for interesting display
Customize your microsite with variant components
Share your Microsite
Copy and share your Microsite on all the channels you want.

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