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Introduction new features on Microsite

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Creating an attractive microsite is not easy. It must be assisted with sufficient intentions and supporting tools. understands that perfect tools will produce perfect works too. So we always want to fulfill your needs by presenting fresh new features and making life easier for creatives.

Our updates are here to make it easier for anyone to become a creative person and give you time to do what you really love. So we are happy to introduce new features to support your creative style.

Terms of service update for a new experience

The new terms of service and privacy policy will help you use services more comfortably, so accept the new terms of service to continue your journey.

Microsite builder with a fresh new look

Explore the editing experience on a microsite view that will bring you convenience with new tools and components as well as new customizations for each component.

Maps for more accurate directions

Embedding a location map will help them find the exact location point. This component is helpful for those of you who have an offline store to collect all your customers in the store.

Countdown to your big event

Now you can count down the days to the event right from your microsite screen! This component will help visitors remember how much time is left of the event you created.

Get your preferred brand logo

The Brand Icon on the Microsite allows you to use the brand logo that we have provided. Help your visitors to find the brand of their choice.

Popular Emojis to make your microsite more expressive

Express your microsite with popular emojis that will bring visitors into the emotional world you create. With the popular emojis available, you don't have to look elsewhere.

Engage visitors with the Microsite Meta Tag

Meta Tag Microsite allows users to bring their own meta image and description when shared with their best friends via social media or messaging channels.

Hopefully, with component updates and customization in this microsite, editing can help you to make your microsite look more relaxed and more expressive than the previous look. Let's try it!

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